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Star trek is the first show in the star trek franchise. Net is in no way associated with, nor endorsed by, paramount pictures andor viacom. The show has created dozens of iconic starship designs, many of which are recognisable even to people who have never seen the show, but by far the most iconic are the. Star trek dog names popular male and female names wag. Discovery the official starships collection is a monthly british partwork magazine that premiered on 31 january 2018 and is published by eaglemoss collections under its hero collector imprint. Starships collection partworks, it is authorized and licensed by cbs. Each fortnightly issue includes a handpainted abs and diecast metal scaled replica of a starship from the star trek universe. Enterprise or uss enterprise is the name of several fictional spacecraft, some of which are the main craft and setting for various television series and films in the star trek science fiction franchise. The original series is a revised title for the series star trek, which originally aired as a tv series on nbc from 1966 to 1969. A starships name and lineage are as important as the. It followed the voyages of the starship uss enterprise on its fiveyear mission, the purpose of which was to explore strange new. During star trek tos how many starships were there in all of starfleet. This 26thcentury, universeclass federation starship, called a distant relative of. Klingons also posses multiple organs when compared to humans.

Majel barrett as christine chapel, medical officer. Ex astris scientia starships in tos and tos remastered. Nasa influenced a lot treks ship names, but did you know about the. The original series is a series of novels written by various authors and based on the science fiction genre. Why im being hunted down by a local star trek fan club. Star trek is an american sciencefiction television series created by gene roddenberry that follows the adventures of the starship uss enterprise ncc1701 and its crew. Though the star trek idea had its supporters, the network couldnt see past its nose to pick up the series. An article with that name does not exist on wikipedia.

Uss enterprise ncc1701 is a starship in the star trek media franchise. For maximum enjoyment, i would recommend saving enterprise series 14 and discovery until last. Every star trek uss enterprise, ranked popular mechanics. The movie version can operate underwater, but the original series. The original star trek is an american television series, created by gene roddenberry, which debuted in 1966 and ran for three seasons, following the interstellar adventures of captain james t. Im trying to get a feel for the size of the federation during the time of the original series. Sona sodality starships memory beta, noncanon star. Seekers is a novel series created by david mack, dayton ward, and kevin dilmore. Other songs sung during the series were standards uhura sings charlie is our darling in star trek. The official facebook page for hero collectors star trek starships collection. Planet and sector names from teleplay and visible on.

Thanks to the star trek panel at sdcc 2019, we know now quite a few more details on this series, so star trek guide now has a page devoted to st. But the name ties the icon of the original series back in time to the. The model, which will be available exclusively to subscribers and in person at new york comic con, is the s. During star trek tos how many starships were there in all of. Kirk and the crew of the federation starship enterprise, following an earlier pilot film the cage, which starred jeffrey hunter as. Yorktown, a ship that could have been the most famous starship of all.

Star trek spaceships through the years pictures cnet. The remains of this federation starship are seen in the star trek. During star trek tos how many starships were there in. Star trek is an american media franchise based on the science fiction television series created by gene roddenberry. A sister publication of the official starships collection, build the uss enterprise ncc1701d, and star trek online.

Uss enterprise ncc1701 even though nbc cancelled the original star trek television show after a threeyear stint in the late 1960s, the show became a. Not being one of the ships listed in the original final names list as reproduced in the making of star trek p. Starfleet starship duty insignia, command division from star trek. The first television series, called star trek and now known as the original series, debuted on september 8, 1966 and aired for three seasons on nbc. According to totally canonical information from tos itself, nobody knows how many classes of starships there are because no ship classes are. The original series referred to as star trek, prior to any spinoffs is the first star trek series. This is the first television series in the star trek franchise, and comprises 79 regular episodes over the series three seasons, along with the series original pilot episode, the cage. The future of star trek tvstreaming series in 2020 and beyond. The animated series tas, originally aired as star trek and as the animated adventures of gene roddenberrys star trek, is an american animated science fiction television series created by gene roddenberry. The original series the next generation deep space nine voyager enterprise other series. Created by kirsten beyer, michael chabon, akiva goldsman.

Sona starships, displayed in alphabetical order by name. Nov 01, 2007 what where the names of the starships like the enterprise on the original series. The original series to differentiate it from the franchise as a whole the origin of the show came when gene roddenberry was looking to write hardhitting political and moral commentary and could not do so with the regular dramas of the time. The prequel series was set in the 22nd century and chronicled the voyages of the first starship enterprise, the nx01, commanded by captain jonathan archer scott bakula. People gather by the thousands at star trek conventions each year, shelling out billions of dollars to. Enterprise,exeter,farragut,constitution,constellation,kongo,yorktown,lexington,intrepid,republic,hood,potempkin and valiant.

Jun 08, 2016 as star trek discovery prepares to introduce a new spock, empire revisits the original series cast. This generator will generator 10 random names at a time, fit for the klingon species of the star trek universe. The original series, unlike the star trek sequels on tv and the movies, was not blessed with a wide variety of starships and other spacecrafts. Perhaps the most powerful ship in the star trek universe, vger could. Nemesis 2002 that centers on jeanluc picard sir patrick stewart in the next chapter of his life. Leonard nimoy as spock, first officer and science officer. Anything related to the ships of star trek welcome, art, toys, models, behind the scenes, etc.

Star trek uses symbols to convey a lot of things, but none captures the eye or imagination quite like the delta. Dec 19, 2019 barclays need to find a new ship to call home seemed reminiscent of a person who had lost a significant other and attempted to ease their suffering with a new romance. This generator will generator 10 random names fit for the cardassian species of the star trek universe. For an overview of the whole franchise, see the star trek page. With patrick stewart, alison pill, isa briones, michelle hurd. This includes fictional main and major characters created for the franchise. With the exception of the uss enterprise, its shuttles and perhaps the klingon battlecruiser, the finish of the tos starship miniatures used to be rather coarse.

This personification of vessels occurred often, with one of the most memorable scenes taking place during the star trek. First portrayed by james doohan in the original star trek series, scotty also appears in the. Created by gene roddenberry, the science fiction television series star trek which. The original series, the next generation, deep space nine, voyager, enterprise, discovery and their related films. Launched in 2017, it is the first scripted series developed specifically for that service. Kirks uss enterprise from the original 1960s television series, and captain jeanluc picards uss enterprise from star trek. It originally aired from september 26, 2001, to may, 2005, on upn, spanning 98 episodes across four seasons. Enterprise, titled simply enterprise for its first two seasons, is an american science fiction television series created by rick berman and brannon braga. This is a series of clips from various star trek television series, showing off the abilities of the starship class heavy cruiser. The official starships collection is a british partwork magazine that is published by eaglemoss collections under its hero collector imprint. We know that there are 12 constitution class starships but im talking about all kinds. What where the names of the starships like the enterprise on the original series. Home of the original star trek ships and locations lists. The original series the next generation deep space nine voyager enterprise.

The sixth series in the star trek franchise, it served as a prequel to star trek. After the release of its spinoff series and the movies, it has been retroactively called star trek. Discovery is an american web television series created for cbs all access by bryan fuller and alex kurtzman. Memory beta, noncanon star trek wiki is a fandom books community. Oct 07, 2018 starfleet starship duty insignia, command division from star trek. The original starship enterprise is star trek s most iconic starship. The original series was one of the most beloved and iconic science fiction shows on television, with the original series spawning a legacy that would eventually include one animated show, five spinoffs, and over a dozen movies. According to the making of star trek page 165, the following names have been established for starships. Enterprise star trek original series 11 foot filming model on display at the smithsonian. The original series tos to distinguish the show within the media franchise that it began the show is set in the milky way galaxy, roughly during the 2260s. It is the main setting of the original star trek television series 19661969 and. Enterprise or uss enterprise is the name of several fictional spacecraft.

Theres deep space nine and voyager and a whole galaxy full of other vessels and settings. The show was created by gene roddenberry as a wagon train to the stars. Every star trek series, ranked worst to best screen rant. The 20 most powerful ships in the galaxy, ranked cbr. Federation starship names star trek expanded universe. The 15 best ships on star trek, from vger to the uss vengeance. The original series originally ran for three seasons on television. The best star trek cat names for your new feline on the.

Earth 1968s robert lansing is the only guest star on this series to be billed at the top of the program just after the episodes title rather than in the end credits. The database lists all canon starships and other spaceborne constructions of the star trek universe by races and classes. Federation starship classes memory beta, noncanon star. His contributions to the series were honored in the name of the jefferies tube.

The official starships collection is branching out and offering its first convention exclusive. Star trek is an american science fiction entertainment series. The first episode of the show aired on 6 september 1966 on ctv in canada, followed by a 8 september 1966 airing on nbc in america. It originally aired from september 8, 1973 to october 12, 1974 on nbc, spanning 22 episodes over two seasons. The enterprise crew must help them escape to thwart a conspiracy aimed at sabotaging the last best hope for peace.

Cardassians are a species of humanoids known for their ruthlessness and dislike for other species. These vessels appear or are mentioned in the original star trek series. This article includes a televisionrelated list of lists. The enterprise has been the focal point of star trek. Star trek was set in the 23rd century and featured the voyages of the starship. Star trek top 10 federation starship classes sacred icon. Gather your favorite heroes or villains to build your. The seventh series in the star trek franchise, it was the first series in the franchise since star trek. On the eve of retirement, kirk and mccoy are charged with assassinating the klingon high chancellor and imprisoned. The original series episode the trouble with tribbles.

See more ideas about star trek starships, star trek and trek. Enterprise, all star trek movies, and it has been commanded by james t. A tribute to star trek is maintained by john patuto. Jul 20, 2016 the first entry into the reboot of star trek. Throughout the series, the special rank insignia designed for former maquis members indicates that chakotay is a lieutenant commander, although he is only ever referred to as commander. Star trek top 10 federation starship classes the world of star trek is defined by magnificent and elaborate starship designs of various diverse cultures, races and factions. The episodes are listed in order by original air date, which match the episode order in each seasons original, remastered, and bluray dvd box sets. It followed the voyages of the starship uss enterprise on its fiveyear.

Starship class background information has never been established, but the reference book the making of star trek stated on page 203 that the producers intent was that the enterpriseclass starships have been in existence for about forty years. This is the order i would recommend watching them in if you want to work your way through the entire saga. From memory and from the names on the decal sheet of the plastic model i made when i was a kid where the names. Earth, came, guest star robert lansing as mister seven. Every series of star trek and all of the movies in rough stardate order. Be sure to only watch the specific seasons mentioned in my notes. The original 1960s series became known as star trek. Federation starship names a federation starship names b federation starship names c federation starship names d federation starship names e federation starship names f federation starship names g federation starship names h federation starship names i federation starship names j federation starship names k federation. List of star trek starfleet starships wikipedia republished. Destroyed during the new frontier series and replaced with another starship with the name, with the new ship being a galaxy class. Starfleet commander and a former maquis member, best known as the first officer of the starship uss voyager in the tv series star trek. Klingons are a species of humanoid warriors, with ridged foreheads, spines, chest and feet. Three ships named uss enterprise are featured in the original star trek television series and the first through seventh star trek. Deforest kelley as leonard mccoy, chief medical officer.

See if you can name all 219 characters in these awesome star trek. In the years since the original series first aired, fans have tried to determine. The cage was the most expensive pilot in nbc history to that point. Enterprise originally titled simply enterprise for its first two seasons aired for four seasons from 20012005 on the upn network.

Schematic side views and technical specs are included where available. The original series, this film uses characters and some plot lines from the original movies and tv show. A star trek fact files veteran, reference book author, and custodian of his own star trek. When the klingon korax insulted humans and took verbal jabs at captain kirk, scotty held back his anger.

When gene roddenberry first pitched star trek to the networks in 1964, he described the crew as traveling on the. During star trek tos were there only 12 constitutionclass. The novels of the series are adapted from the popular television series and movies of the same name that were telecast between the year 1966 and 1969. This article lists characters in the various canonical incarnations of star trek.

They did, however, agree to a second pilot with some changed elements like a woman who was second in command. The series began the star trek franchise and has gone on to have stories in multiple formats. Reportedly somewhat reminiscent of the tng season 7 episode of the same name, lower decks will be an animated series focusing on characters of lower rank serving aboard a federation starship. Sep 08, 2016 star trek is not solely the story of enterprise. List of canon starships official star trek online wiki. Vanguard, and features some of vanguards characters, ships, and settings. Seekers will be a return to star treks original ideology of seeking out new worlds and new civilizations, and will center on the uss endeavour and the uss sagittarius as they explore. Authorized and licensed by cbs consumer products, it is available in a number of countries worldwide.

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