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We inheritedmarma01strafrom masters like su0ruta and vagbha5a in san skrit and sage agastya in tamil. Kalari background kalari martial arts have origins in kerala and are practised in the south indian state. Kalari marma massage is a key treatment offered at kalari ayurveda centre. Prana life energy flows through the body channeled through marmas or vital points. Marmani serve as points of access to the bodys innate intelligence, opening the doorway to health and wellbeing. Protecting and empowering bodyinpractice kalari is a ritualistic heritage existed in kerala from 12th century ad which contributed to martial arts and treatment. The contact with these vital spots will happen in a way that the. The system based on sanskrit works likesu0ruta sa9hit1 anda51ga h4daya are more popular than the tamil works munn3l and pinn3l. University 57 chapter iii role of the kalari introduction.

Kalari marma chikiltsa and uzhichil or treatment family tradition marmas the word marma stems from the sankritwords mrung or marane. Kalari marma treatment upper body massage gurukulam communication. When ayurveda and the modern medicine fail in many cases, the kalari marma masters are the only saviors, is an astonishing fact about kalari marma. Mrung means close death 107 vital spots on the human body can be injured or hurt in a way that provokes immediate death or death within days.

Kalari is the malayalam language spoken in kerala word, for a special kind of gymnasium, where the martial art known as kalari payattu, is practiced. Kalaripayattu kalari martial arts free info on kalari. As per the human body science in kalari marma, the treatment works according to the marma point life points in the bodykaiuzhichil hands massagechavutti. Marma chikitsa part of kalari treatments marma shastra, is a part of the ancient indian martial art form that manipulates vital points in the body, can be used both for selfdefense and healing. Marma chikitsa is the precise art of touching an individual in exactly the right place at a critical moment in time, for the purpose of healing.

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